Super Sticky Tower Climber

It’s been a while since the last GGJ happened, but I think it worth to mention the game we did during these crazy 48 hours in which the Game Jam takes place.


An screenshot of the game

The game we’ve done, with the help of Roger, Abel and German, some friends of us, is called Super Sticky Tower Climber, and is a tower climbing race for two players,  where the characters, a gross form of life, compete to survive while an acid flood (or water, or whatever it looks like) threat to dissolve them. The players can mutate as grabbing different pills that power-up the character abilities and increasing the chances to survive.

The game was developed with BennuGD, the same game engine we are using for our other games. This time the team got bigger and we’ve counted with the help of Roger who made the game illustrations, graphics and pixelart, Abel, who helped us with the programming, and Martin, who made a great addition to the game with his music and sound effects. As usual, Lucas and me were working on the programming side, while Lautaro helped us with the pixelart.

Take a look at the gameplay in Youtube.

You can download the game (for free, of course) from the GameJolt, or Game Jam pages.

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