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You’re taking a nap with the background sound of the jungle, so peaceful and relaxing. You have everything you wanted and more… when suddenly, strange noises came from the sky, the sun is covered and you hear the panic all around. You take a look and see weird, evil and metal creatures invading your forest.

Everyone is in panic except you, you won’t let those robots to take over the place, you will kick them out of your jungle

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If you try hard you'll get better reward, That's right, there's no real win if it isn't hard. So be patience think carefully and solve the stages with only one shot. You'll get special levels and lot more fun.

Bunch new items: While you're pushing those doomed robots to their own mothership, you'll find funny items that will help you on the fight.


Windows 32 or 64 bits on Desura

Monkey vs Robots


Windows 32 or 64 bits on Humble Bundle

Media reviews

  1. "If your aim is good, you’ll be rewarded with 3 to snack on, but fail to destroy everything before you run out of ammunition, and your ‘reward’ will be a very sad monkey. Surely you’re not so mean that you’ll make a monkey cry, right?"


  2. "El paso de los primeros niveles está muy bien pensado, y poco a poco los desarrolladores nos ponen ante situaciones más complicadas gracias a una curva de dificultad suave pero imparable"


  3. "MVR definitely plays this pixelated cuteness card well and upon seeing any screenshot, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and you feel a little happier inside"


  4. Monkey vs Robots is one of those simple yet highly entertaining delights one can enjoy on an iDevice and an interesting little action puzzler with cute retro graphics


  5. I had trouble coming up with flaws in this delightful little puzzle game. Oh, and monkeys give this game bonus points!


  6. The animations are also full of nuanced detail and character. The game is ideally suited towards casual play with each stage only taking a short amount of time to play.


  7. Il gioco è stato realizzato da Pixelatom Games con un carinissimo stile retrò ed i livelli da completare sono davvero parecchi