Monkey vs Robots FULL

Hello everyone! Welcome to our weekly post! Today we’re going to talk about our first serious game: Monkey vs Robots!

The full version will come out two weeks from now (it’s almost complete!) so we want to show you the improvements we’ve made since the LITE version.

More enemies!

A lot of new enemies will come with the full version. I know, you might hate some of these (I already do), but the game improved a lot thanks to this.


A stage featuring two new enemies: the spider and the bomb bots

New projectiles!

In the lite version there were 3 kind of coconuts: soft, hard and hardest. In the full version there will be a lot more projectiles: bombs, bowling balls, pinball balls and more! Each one of them with different characteristics of course.

The new pinball ball have a curved trajectory and won't break against the walls

The new pinball ball has a curved trajectory and won’t break against the walls

New levels!

New levels, of course. That’s the point of a full version.

We have a new map with lot of new stages to discover.

We have a new map with lot of new stages to discover.

Story images!

In the lite version, we draw only one (the beginning of the game). Now there are 3 more: end of first stage, end of second stage, end of the game.

The robots are escaping to hide inside the temple

The robots are escaping to hide inside the temple

Well, it’s a matter of time now! Full version will be available for Android (this will take some time, since Google changed the policies for apps publishing in Argentina), iPhone/iPod/iPad, Windows, Linux (this will also take some extra time), Pandora (a little bit delayed too) and OUYA (once they send us the console).

So this is it! After this we will continue developing the other games we have on row. Of course, with the obvious bugfixing for MvR after its release (we are aware that we will not catch every bug out there!). That’s it for now! See you next week!

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    Will this ever be ready?

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