Monkey vs Robots – Finished game!

So, welcome back! Long time without a post eh? Well, we’ve been busy, not only with MvR, but with other projects too! (we’ll talk about those in other post.)

As the title says, Monkey vs Robots is complete for Windows and will be released soon. The Linux version will follow, and hopefully the Ouya version after that (our Ouya is heading our way, sadly with only one controller. Good thing PS3 controllers work as well.)

So, what’s next? Not much really. We will send copies of the game to the beta testers, fix possible errors, get some feedback and try to get some reviews done. Meanwhile I will post details of the game, as well as samples of the sprites and other stuff.

Today we’ll show the basic enemies:

These two are the most basic ones! Only one hit to break’em, they don’t do anything:  Image1 Image2

And these are a little bit tough. Two hits to get’em down: Image3 Image4

As you can see, sprites are pretty small. This is because we wanted a retro look on our game. Also we like pixel art a lot. Okay, it’s only the later reason. Here’s a screenshot of a stage featuring both type of enemies:

Screenshot of the PC version of Monkey vs Robots

Screenshot of the PC version of Monkey vs Robots

Well, that’s it for today! I promise updates will be more frequent from now on, now that we finished our first game. Keep in touch for future announcements about new games, as well as other stuff.


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