Hello everybody!

Welcome to the Pixelatom Games Blog! We will use this blog to release news about our games, our projects, concepts, as well as a devblog and of course any crazy idea about indie game development.

Since you are here, why don’t you stop and check our Global Game Jam entries? They are HTML 5, you have no excuse for not playing those games made in only 48 hours:

We are currently finishing our first “serious” game, Monkey vs Robots (don’t complain about the generic name, the monkey will cry). The full version should be able soon for iPhone, Android, PC, Linux, Ouya and Pandora. Meanwhile, you can play the lite version!

At the moment of the writing of this post, the Pandora repo was down, so check it out later I guess.

Monkey vs Robots screenshot

Monkey vs Robots in-game screenshots

Well, that’s it for now! We have several projects we are working on at the moment, so expect another post very soon.

Have a nice day!

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