Fauni Project

Hello everybody! Welcome to a new entry in our blog. Today we’re going to present you a new project: Fauni Project! It doesn’t have a name yet, so we’re just calling it like that.

The game will be a classic platform game, made in pixel art. We want to make it a VERY COOL game, so we’re making a big effort in the animations. We will leave some samples in this post so you can have an idea about what it will look like.

fauni char animation fauni char animation fauni char animation fauni char animation
Some of the main character animation we made for the game.

The game is planned to run on Windows, Linux and OUYA (this is, if they send us the console!)

The project director is Javier Arias, he made most of the Monkey vs Robots programming, plus all the backgrounds! He is in charge of the backgrounds in this game as well, and me (Lautaro) will be doing the pixelart for the characters and UI elements. Lucas will be in charge of the stages design, same role he had in MvR.

What do we want to achieve? Well, I know it is almost impossible to make a Neo Geo-quality game being three guys with full time jobs, so we’re not aiming that high; but we DO want to make a beautiful game, full of fluid animations (a-la Earthworm Jim or Cool Spot). We are paying special attention at the atmosphere too. Having said that, we’re not planning in bringing a lot of new elements to the platform genre (so far), but we want it to be FUN.

fauni game mockup

A quick mockup of the game

Okay, there’s not a lot more to say. We’ll keep you updated about the progress of this game, and we will be showing you other projects we’re working on.


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