Fauni Project Updates: Playing with tilesets

Hello everybody!,

We’ve been very busy last weeks testing, debugging and promoting our game Monkey vs Robots, which is coming out this month (just some weeks more!), and we’re very excited to be releasing our first game.

But we’re also working on our next projects, where is most of the fun of being a game developer. Some months ago we’ve announced one of our projects called Fauni Project, and lately I’ve been playing with the background tiles for some of the stages we’ve planned.

Although it’ll be a classic platform game, I wanted this project to have a slightly wide top surface, to give the feeling of depth to the player, something I didn’t see much on classic NES/SNES games.

The mockup lacks of details, but I'm very happy to have achieved the top surface as I wanted.

The mockup lacks of details, but I’m very happy to have achieved the top surface as I wanted.

Technically speaking, I can say that this is the first time I’m using a palette. I’ve chosen the DB32 Pallete, which I found very inspiring. For designing the tileset I’m using Pyxel Edit, which is very simple but it has some unique tools that I couldn’t find in more popular pixel-art programs.

Ok, that’s all folks! See you on the next advance of this project! Feel free to leave your comments and impressions :)


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